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        Guided Fly and Spey Fishing Trips for Steelhead and Brown Trout with    

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Day 2

Posted on October 20, 2015 at 6:30 PM

Day 2 of 3 dawned not so bright and early. In fact it was still dark when we got our first fish in the net. The fish, a beautiful chrome buck of about 10 pounds, crashed up and down the large pool until tired he slipped into the net. With Art fishing the river from the other side, I hoisted the fish for a quick photo, then as we transferred for Jess to hold him, he gave a powerful kick of his tail and darted back to the deep. The morning continued on with frequent hookups and landed fish until the sun hit the water around 10. As the action died down, we decided to check out another spot.

When we pulled into the parking area, we were surprised that not a single car was there. As we hiked down to the river, however, we were surprised by DEC workers electrofishing a run for steelhead data. The good news is that the area was loaded. The bad news is that most of the area had been electrofished. We had a pleasant conversation with the state workers about the program then sat by the river long enough for the fish to start calming down. Where the workers had been electrofishing, we did not find any willing takers so we worked our way downstream. A little ways down we came to a plunge pool with a nice run below. In this spot we landed what has to be the most insane fighting fish of the trip. In a flash the fish was peeling off line running downstream, and I was standing in the way. With my matrix like skills, I dodged the screaming line. About fifty yards downstream, the river shallows up to a broad boulderfield and we were able to land the chrome 6 pounder. From the same pool, we hooked another 3 fish, losing each well into the fight as our hooks pulled free. We fished for a little more before calling it a great day.

Enjoy the pics.

Me with Jess' first of the day.

Jess and Art with a toad hatchery fish Art caught.

Me and Art with a chromer.

Jess and Art with a nice fish.

Jess' kamakazee fighter.

Beautiful day.

Categories: Steelhead, Fishing reports