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Spey Fishing

Noel with a spey caught beauty

Spey fishing has emerged in the Great Lakes basin over the last twenty years or so as the most exciting way to target aggressive, fresh run fish with streamers. With its roots in both Pacific steelheading and Atlantic salmon angling, spey fishing is an effective way to search large amounts of water for fish that have not seen a fly recently. Casting across the current, mending the line, and allowing a large streamer to slowly swing across the current, spey fishing is a rhythmical alternative to staple chuck and duck, or indicator tactics.

When fish take on a tight line swing, you may feel as if the rod is being ripped from your hands. The fight on spey rods is as exciting as it gets, as the well rested and aggressive fish charges up and down the run, often careening out of the water. Fish Lake Run Outfitters specializes in spey fishing techniques, and our guides have fished with spey rods all over the world.

Working Through a run

When fishing with us, we provide balanced spey rods and reels loaded with matched skagit heads for optimal performance. We help you wade through all intricacies of spey fishing, including head grain weights for spey rods, selecting the appropriate sink tip for types of water and conditions, along with providing hands on instruction to make sure your casting strokes are correct. Our guides have years of experience with spey fishing techniques and instructions and are always eager to assist. 

Tearing into a D Loop

Whether you are new to the art of spey fishing, or simply trying to find the next good run to swim your fly through, Fish Lake Run Outfitters is the guide service to take your game to the next level. Also check out our hosted trips. These four day trips are great for anglers really looking to hone their spey fishing abilities. 

Fresh run chrome

Gear for spey

Spey fishing is not just about catching a fish. It's about the rhythm of working through a run. Cast, mend, step. It's about the search for a particular fish. Not every fish is a streamer eater. It's about the method. A tight line swing provides a direct connection between the anger and the fish during the aggressive take. It's about reaching a level of maturity as an angler. You must be content to trade quantity for quality. Spey fishing targets only the most aggressive fish, so the fight is generally furious. And it's about taking your fly game to the next level. Spey fishing is a challenge to any angler. And once you enter the spey game, the addiction drives you. Because everything comes together: the rhythm, the search, the method, and the quality of the take. The tug really is the drug. And it drives us.    

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