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Hey guys I'm Daren, head guide at Fish Lake Run Outfitters. Growing up in a fishing and hunting family, I was exposed to fly fishing at an early age. Some of my earliest memories of fishing for steelhead took place in western New York. Visiting our family home south of Buffalo, I'd beg my dad to take me to the local streams to fish for steelhead. It took me three years to actually catch one! That was twenty years ago now, and I can certainly say my odds have gone wwaaaayyy up.

In 2008 I began guiding in Alaska during the summer season, and in 2012 I started guiding New York and Ohio in the "off season." It soon became apparent just how incorrect that term is. There's just no place like fall and early winter in western New York if you're a fly fisherman. Then after ice out in the spring, Ohio fishing is literally off the hook.

My passion is swinging streamers with spey rods on some of the larger rivers and streams, but at times conditions require other tactics. I'm well versed in all of them. 

Fish with me and I'll show you just what New York and Ohio have to offer!

Noel has been steelhead fishing in western New York for over a decade. Growing up on the East Coast, very early on Noel showed a strong aptitude for athletics. Naturally Noel gravitated toward fishing. With strong fly fishing and tying skills, Noel easily transitioned from stream trout fishing to targeting migratory trout and salmon in Great Lakes tributaries. 

Noel brings his superb fly tying skills, patience, and overall fishy dudeness to Fish Lake Run Outfitters. You should ask him about his flash-back nymphs! Whether long line nymphing the clear creeks for skittish early fall fish, or putting bombs out on a spey rod, a trip with Noel is a great time! 

Why us?

Because we have the passion, drive, and talent required to be successful fly anglers searching for silver and gold. Fish with us and we'll show you.