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Ohio Spring Steelhead

The quality of spring steelheading in Ohio is now a common topic of discussion among anglers...

Chris with a 34" 15 pound Ohio fish! We grow 'em BIG here!

Art with a 30" Ohio fish!

As soon as warm temperatures melt the ice and snow,

the Grand and Chagrin Rivers top the list as the nation's premiere destination

for targeting aggressive fresh-run and dropback steelhead. 

Starting mid-March and lasting well into May,

Ohio's steelhead fishing is nothing short of fantastic.

Additionally, there are numerous points of public access to many miles of fishy water –

a welcome relief to the trend of privatization seen elsewhere.

A sweet hen that Noel swung-up on the Grand

Spring is the perfect time to target aggressive fish swinging streamers. When fish take on a tight line swing, you may feel as if the rod is being ripped from your hands.

The fight on spey rods is as exciting as it gets, as well rested fish charge up and down the spacious rivers,

often careening out of the water like bucking broncos.

What a jump - yee haw!

We provide well balanced spey rods and reels loaded with matched skagit heads for optimal performance.

We help you wade through all intricacies of spey fishing, including head grain weights for spey rods,

selecting the appropriate sink tip for types of water and conditions,

along with providing hands on instruction to make sure your casting strokes are correct.

Our guides have years of experience with spey fishing techniques and instructions and are always eager to assist.

An average Spring day of spey fishing in Ohio produces multiple hookups swinging big streamers. 

As spey anglers, we pride ourselves with quality over quantity mindset. 

 Spey fishing is more about the entire fishing experience than catching tons of fish...

but every once in a while it’s nice to go out there and put on a clinic. And Ohio is the place to do just that.

Daren with another one (of many) on the swing and...

When spey fishing in Ohio, our best days produce double-digit hookups per rod ...

and almost every day, someone will hook a fish of near to or better than 12 pounds.

...Noel found this beautiful hen...

As an added bonus, beginning in mid April the lake-run smallmouth bass begin their annual spawning run.

If you haven’t heard of Lake Erie smallmouth, then we have way too much to talk about.

As anyone who has fished smallmouth will tell you, they are a blast on fly gear

and they take the same streamers that we fish for steelhead...

and one more thing, they’re gigantic! 

 The average lake run smallmouth runs 3-5 pounds

with fish up to 8 a possibility.

Our smallmouth are no joke. Seriously.

Eff'ing Giant Smallmouth anyone? ...Max swings a killer smallmouth out of the same hole, the next day! 

So come with us to enjoy the epic steelhead and smallmouth bass Ohio has to offer!

We can provide a day of guiding to put you on fish or let us customize an all-inclusive trip

to meet your budget and exceed expectations!

At Fish Lake Run, we offer both wade fishing and raft fishing trips in Ohio for spring steelhead and smallmouth bass. We provide all fishing equipment and beverages, along with high definition cameras to photograph your catch! On our raft fishing trips we include a stream-side lunch!

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