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Steelhead Bonanza

Posted on April 18, 2017 at 2:05 PM

Art with his second fish on a spey rod!

Here in Ohio, spring steelhead is a beautiful thing! And right now we're experiencing some EPIC fishing! Had the spring Sandler trip with Art and his daughter Leyla over the last three days, and to put it simply, we crushed them. We still have a large amount of fish in our rivers, most are actively spawning fish, or dropbacks, but we are still finding a few chrome freshies. I expect not to see many more as our season is winding down out here. 

It was Lee's first trip up this way to fish with me, and she probably landed 10-15 fish over two days. Art stayed an extra day to fish, so I thought it'd be really neat to focus his last day on spey fishing- and we were not disappointed. Within fifteen minutes he was into his first fish on the spey rod! He ended up swinging up 4 from the Grand yesterday, and losing a couple more. I even got in on the action and swung up 2! Always a great day when I get a chance to fish with good friends! Our fish were caught on the hangover, the flash, and the destroyer. Old standards for sure, but some of the best fly patterns I have ever come up with. Word of caution for fishing this time of year- be careful about water temperatures. On Sunday and Monday I started to get readings in the low 60's on my thermometer. It's important to take a reading every so often, and if you see 65 call it a day.

Enjoy the rest of the pics.

  - D

Lee putting the wood to a good steelhead!

Nice fish!

Art tearing into a D loop

Art with a solid Ohio steelhead

Art battling his first on the spey rod!

Lee and I with a pretty fish

One of the few I caught over the weekend

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